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Education Sector

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Technology Challenges

Centralization & Integration

Education sector has been using technology to aid their teaching effectiveness across the globe. But not much of importance is given into tracking and maintaining an effective centralized system that could be used to make informed decision making. Student profiles, payment history, automated notifications, digital course materials, teacher profiles, finance system, specialized ERP system and just important pieces of the complete picture. Having disparate solutions results in creating a seamless integration for accuracy and control over the technological ecosystem.

MOOCs and other New Models of Teaching

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are the new kids on the education block so to speak, and are encouraged as many higher education institutions have already embraced MOOCs and seen success. Game-based learning, Reading solutions, Interactive learning, network and storage solutions, mobile learning are some of the trending technological advancements that would aid higher quality of education even outside of the campus.


Lack of Digital Payment Solutions

Education sector has been moving slowly towards digital model of delivering coaching and online classes. But a lack of emphasis on facilitating online payment platform for parents, donors and students creates a bottleneck in the payment processing. Online payment solution only open the possibility for a secure, cross-border, real-time payment processing from anywhere and any given time. This is an important step towards making it easy for all the parties involved in the payment spectrum.

Mobile Device Integration

Mobile learning is on the rise with many schools implementing it to evolve their business processes to deliver services at your fingertips. Creating institution specific mobile apps, integrating it with the central system, sharing course documents, faculty schedule notification, attendance tracking, downloadable content, e-library creation, online payment, additional service application, student profiling are some of the key features needed to adapt to the mobile dependent world.