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Fraud and Chargeback

Online transactions are “card-not-present” transactions. As e-commerce expands, opportunities for fraudulent misuse of payment networks and data theft grow right alongside. A PCI-DSS compliant setup along with 3D secure data security is necessary to eradicate fraudulent transactions.

Chargebacks, in addition to being costly, can damage business reputations. An excessive number of chargebacks can lead to closed merchant accounts, effectively killing the business. While chargebacks do sometimes happen for legitimate reasons, use of online payment processing would eliminate complete risk of non-legitimate chargebacks

Cross-border Transactions

Cross-border payments can be slow, inefficient, and expensive, but they play an important role in global trade. Typically, national banking infrastructures can’t handle cross-border payments, resulting in independent and non-uniform development in technologies and software platforms that complicate or stall cross-border transactions.

Card Data Security

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) certification is required for every merchant or business accepting credit or debit cards, online or off. PCI DSS standards require merchants and processors to meet 12 criteria across six security arenas:

Build and maintain a secure network and systems
Protect cardholder data
Maintain a vulnerability management program
Implement strong access control measures
Regularly monitor and test networks
Maintain an information security policy

Multi-currency and Payment Methods

Global e-commerce means accepting a variety of payment methods and currencies. E-wallets, mobile payments, and credit/debit cards help online merchants compete in international markets by allowing their customers to pay in their native currencies. For merchants, multi-currency, cross-border transactions can require new bank accounts, new business entities, and new regulatory hurdles in each national market. A merchant can easily collect payment in one currency and credit the merchant account in its home currency.

Technical integration

Online payment systems run the proprietary gamut across hardware and software platforms. In true real-time processing, a combination of features, including integrated systems and gateways, addresses liquidity issues and minimizes delays, while preserving online transaction integrity. Creating a seamless system is possible only when the intricate systems are speaking as one single unit. This integration between the payment systems, finance records, OTAs, product/service details along with customer data is crucial for a successful online payment setup.

Dynamic Currency Conversions

DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) commonly known as Pay in Your Currency is a secure, compliant solution that provides businesses with the ability to offer their international customers the choice to pay in their currency. This will help customers to Choice, Clarity and Convenience on their payment.
Every year there are of international travelers in this region who spend money on hotels, R E S TAURANTs and entertainment. As a result, Merchants start accepting transactions from cards issued outside of their country Merchants can earn additional profit margin on each DCC transaction, while continuing to be paid in their local currency.

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