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Course Fee

Fully customizable online payment solution designed specifically for the education sector to facilitate timely payments for tuition fees

Course Fee® is a fully customizable online payment solution designed specifically for the education sector to facilitate timely payments for tuition fees, course fees, donations and other course related payments. At an educational institution, transaction occurs at different intervals during a student’s academic year. Right from student enrollment application to collection of certificate involves payment to be collected at various intervals. With lack of technology, manual dependent transaction was prevalent making the entire payment process cumbersome.

While the education providers struggled to manage this effectively, the students and parents had to spend significant amount of time just to make necessary payments. In cases where the parents lived outside the country, having to arrange alternatives to carry out payments took a toll on the complete experience. And with all the payments coming through manually, errors were at its highest giving false financial data which affected the complete auditing process.

With digital payment system, students & parents can make payments from anywhere and at any given time. Missed and delayed payments can be completely eliminated with automatic payment reminders and notification. Cross border transaction can be carried out with any currency with advanced security and efficiency. Real-time payment tracking and integration with finance systems would give accurate revenue information for the management. With system generated invoices and online payments, manual processes would be minimized and critical errors will be completely eliminated. Detailed reports of revenue, student payment history, automatic reminders, SMS & email integration, custom invoice template only makes this entire process easy and cost effective.

Abzer solutions has built a strong knowledge repository of how educational institutes transact with students, families and donors, and have developed this advanced online payment solution, Course Fee® to address all the payment challenges that exits within the education sector.


Course Fee Features :

Web-based Online Payment
Real-Time Payment Tracking
Automated Payment Reminders
International Currency Transaction
Scheduled Recurring Payments
Online Card Payment Integration
Customized Course Fee Templates
Full / Part-payment Confirmation

Student Payment History
SMS & Email Integration
Real-time MIS report
Task & Project Management
Accounting & Finance Integration
Multi-Currency & Multilingual
On-Premise & Cloud Implementation
24/7 Local Support in UAE & many others