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We’ll help your organization have the upper hand over competitors with our seamless data integration and transformation services.

Data integration is a crucial factor in helping enterprise decision-makers draw up a clear picture of the key performance indicators (KPIs), customer data, risk analysis, and other business process aspects to establish a plan of action that best serves the organization. The integration of data involves combining data from various sources and combining them to be understood and utilized more efficiently. 

The technology architects at Abzer specialize in integrating applications, services, databases, devices, and legacy systems. Our team fully understands EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) patterns before implementing any integration framework in the organization.

Our data integration and transformation solutions can help enterprises extract data from various diverse sources and transforms them while in transit. We then load the extracted data into the target storage of choice. 

What is API integrations

API or Application Programming Interface can be defined as an interface, which facilitates connectivity and communication between either two or more software apps. The API integration can be described as seamless connectivity, which enables organizations to automate complicated business processes along with enhancing the embedding and sharing of data between various systems and applications.

It is safe to say that APIS has become an essential requirement for most modern businesses these days. There are several options available to businesses who are looking to integrate APIs into their existing business system.

However, several businesses still do not know if they need an API integration platform or not. If you are one among them, then here are a few reasons that will give you a clear idea on why your business needs an API integration platform.

You Will Need To Connect Cloud Applications

There are hundreds of cloud applications available out there. The 2019 Annual SaaS Trends Report revealed that businesses with 100 to 250 employees use approximately 99 applications across their organizations. The report also confirmed that companies that have more than 1000 employees are using over 203 apps.

API integrations have become the stand when connecting cloud applications. However, the issue is that most of the legacy integration technologies struggle or fail to offer support to modern API connectivity technology beyond the firewall. This means that you will need an API integration platform, which is born in the cloud for connecting modern cloud APIs.

You Can Connect Your Best Tools And Apps With Ease

The finance department at most enterprises has a number of things to do. In fact, they will need to keep track of invoices, taxes, billing, insurance payouts, accounts payable, and more. It is true that there are some tools available in the market, which claim to do everything a finance department can do. However, such apps might not be really good at some of these tasks or they can be expensive.

As a result, several departments that include approximately 96 percent of finance and account teams have started to build their own solutions. Businesses that are using an API integration platform will be able to easily connect the best tools and apps available. This means that companies will be able to replace inadequate options with effective ones.

Helps You Unlock The Value Of Legacy And Existing Data Sources

Do you know that data that is a year old or a few months old often ends up somewhere in a database at several companies? These valuable data sources are collecting data because they are not at all being used by the companies. One of the major reasons why older data is underutilized is that it can be hard to integrate it into existing systems. In some cases, accessing older data can be quite challenging.

It is crucial to remember that API integration platforms or tools can prove to be very beneficial to businesses in such situations. Businesses that are using such a solution will be able to create APIS exclusively for their internal uses. This will in turn enable businesses to easily extract data from older databases and servers.

Here are a few more reasons that will explain why modern businesses need an API integration platform.

  • For building new applications without any hassles
  • Enables you to easily and quickly create new APIs for your business
  • Helps you to make your teams a lot more strategic
  • Enables you to increase the productivity of your employees
  • An API integration platform will make it really easy for you to manage individual APIs
  • Future-proofs enterprise integration

If you want to gain comprehensive insights into the world of API integration, get in touch with us.

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