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A Beginner’s Guide To ECM 

ECM or Enterprise Content Management is actually a system solution that is specifically designed to manage the documents of an organization. Most businesses in UAE will have large amounts of unstructured information that includes Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, scanned images, and PDFs. These unstructured documents will be securely stored and made available to the right people in your company at the right time. 

The primary goal behind the implementation of a digital content management software was to help companies to do business a lot better. The organization of unstructured content based on the requirement of different businesses has made it possible for several companies to work a lot more efficiently. 

It doesn’t matter what the industry is, an Enterprise Content Management system can help your business in the following ways. 

  • Reduce organizational risk
  • Boosts productivity and ensures better customer service
  • Streamline business processes and removes the dependency on paper 


How Does ECM Software Systems Work

It is true that content is almost everywhere today. Several businesses in Dubai have started to create emails, spreadsheets, presentations, documents, and other materials a lot faster and in higher volumes. It is critical for businesses to share information especially when members are working from all over the globe. 

Such a collaboration calls for an immediate and instant access to files, documents, and other related resources. Most of this content will be in your hard drive or email, which is not ideal. As the amount of unstructured content in your organization grows, you will need to commit more resources for handling and managing them. 

The primary idea behind ECM platforms is pretty simple. It is that ECM platforms will give easy and instant access to everyone in an organization to necessary information to complete projects, increase efficiency, and make better and informed decisions. 

Another fascinating aspect of ECM solution is that it eliminates the need to use paper documents and paper filing systems. ECM digitalizes the invoices, contracts, resumes, reports, and all other important business documents and stores it securely. ECM also makes sure that the electronic files are well organized, which improves sharing and collaboration. 

We, at Abzer, drive businesses to success by giving them the much required edge in the industry.

Enterprise Content Management or ECM was confined to just back office until a few years ago. In fact, Enterprise Content Management was kept by several businesses as an unstructured way for handling and managing a myriad of content. That said, things have considerably changed over the last few years and now ECM has started to gain an interactive role in most businesses. The push towards digitization is one of the main reasons for this.

Mobile capacity, cloud technology, and Machine Learning presented numerous opportunities for different types of businesses. Another interesting point to note is that businesses have started to use a wide range of content that includes images, videos, audio, and more. This has resulted in the redefining of the traditional Enterprise Content Management solutions. 

Enterprise Content Management solutions have a number of definitions in the modern business world and the role it plays may vary greatly based on different businesses. If you are new to the world of ECM, then you will need to understand what it really means, which is where we can help you. 

In simple words, Enterprise Content Management or ECM can be defined as the combined process of digitally applying and managing the information of a company for supporting their business goals and processes. ECM solutions also makes it possible for businesses to ensure that the information they need can be easily accessed without any hassles. 

Businesses that are using the right ECM for their company will be able to easily automate processes, boost productivity, and encourage employees across your company to work a lot better together. This will in turn help businesses to gain a competitive edge and stay way on top of their competitors. 

Elements Of An Enterprise Content Management Platform 

Digital Capturing of Documents 

Effective handling of the content of an organization starts with the capturing and importing of documents into a digital repository. Any type of document such as research reports, correspondence, contracts, resumes, and invoices can be digitally captured and stored. 

A number of methods are often used to capture the above-mentioned documents and some of the most common ones are listed below. 

  • Automatic filling and categorizing of documents from MFPs, servers, and other types of shared locations
  • Management of files that are already in digital form such as video, images, PDFs, and MS office documents 
  • Scanning paper documents 
  • The use of electronic forms for making document digital 

Traditional methods that were used to capture business documents are usually expensive and they require greater effort. The capturing of business documents of businesses in a digital repository removes several obstacles that were created by paper. In simple words, digitization of documents help businesses avoid labor-intensive duplication, issues with misplaced originals, slow distribution, and the difficulty of retrieving documents and files from offsite storage locations. 

Store Documents In A Digital Repository 

Organisations that are using robust ECM systems will be able to easily store business-critical documents in a secure digital repository. This will make it possible for ECM system users to do the following. 

  • View and edit all documents in the digital repository
  • View metadata of documents
  • Properly organize documents within a highly flexible folder structure 

It is important to note that the advantage of using ECM systems goes beyond just keeping track of where your documents are located. The presence of a digital content management software will also help businesses to save cost, complexity, and time associated with the management of documents. 

Users Can Retrieve Documents Easily And Quickly 

Once the records and other important business documents of your business have been stored securely, you will be able to easily find documents by using full-text search. Users will also be able to find specific phrases and words within the metadata, annotations, entry names, and document text. 

In addition to that, businesses that are using an efficient RM will be able to make use of preset search options for searching documents based on creation data, number of individuals who accessed them, and more. 

Enterprise Content Management software systems enable businesses in UAE to save the time, which is spent on searching for different documents. It also allows employees to easily answer information requests from auditors, clients, and others. Moreover, staff will have instant access to the data and information required for making better decisions. 

Abzer one of the top development companies in Dubai, we can help you with anything related to Enterprise Content Management. If your requirements are not addressed in the above please do tell us more about your project. It is likely that we will be able to address your needs. 

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