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At Abzer, we drive businesses in UAE to success by giving them the much-needed edge in the industry.

The Digital Payment sector has seen tremendous growth in the financial industry with new and innovative methods to boost customer engagement. They’re instant, secure, transparent, and avoids the hassle of carrying hard cash.  

Like any other payment system, digital payment services facilitate the transfer of cash between customers, businesses, and other parties. Yet, it stands out from the traditional payment methods by keeping up with the latest trends in the industry. Digital payment systems efficiently use technology to help businesses reduce costs and improve services. Thereby helping businesses in UAE to retain existing customers as well as attract new ones. 

Being a digital payment technology solution provider, we design powerful and compelling applications that connect the data underlying the transactions. Abzer integrates various digital payment platforms to help improve the overall customer experience. 

Different Types of e-Commerce

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    (B2B) Portals

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    Business –to-Consumer
    (B2C) Portals

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    Consumer -to- Consumer
    (C2C) Portals

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    Government Portals

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    Mobile Commerce Applications
    (m- Commerce)

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    Online Store

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    Custom Integration

Abzer has the expertise to build robust, powerful e-commerce stores from one product to a million products web-store. We also provide additional functionality or features apart from the standard frameworks to customize online stores as per the business requirements. This is where the significance of plugin or extension development comes into the picture. Abzer has also expertise to migrate online store from one platform to another.

Abzer has specialized in developing payment gateway integration plugins for standard online frameworks such as Magento, Open Cart, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, Woo Commerce, etc. These Plugins are helpful for the online store merchants to integrate with their payment gateway with a single click.
Some of the business benefits of the extensions are as follows

In simple words, a payment gateway software can be described as a tool that takes care of the online payment process from start to end. Payment gateway, which is also called by many as the facilitator of online payment acts as a digital cashier who verifies, charges, and collects payments from customers and they also serve the function of handing over the deliverables.

An excellent digital payment platform will keep the payment ecosystem running smoothly without any hassles. It is true that online merchants don’t really have to know everything about payment gateways. However, it is best to have a basic knowledge on how a payment gateway works. If you are wondering how to get started, do not worry because we are here to help you.

Key Players In Digital Payments

It is integral for online merchants and other online businesses to identify the important players in online payments. If you want to clearly understand what happens when customers click on the pay button on your online store or website, then you need to know about the key players in online payments.

  • The merchant : the merchant is usually the business that offers products and services to customers
  • The customer : the customer, who is called the cardholder is the one who want to access or buy products and services offered by the merchant
  • The issuing bank : customer’s bank, which issues the debit or credit card is usually called as the issuing bank
  • The acquirer : the acquirer or the acquiring bank can be defined as the financial institution that maintains the bank account of the merchant.

The acquiring bank will pass the merchant’s transactions to the customer’s bank or issuing bank for receiving the payment and to complete the transaction between the merchant and the customer.

What Is A Payment Processor Or Payment Processor

As mentioned earlier, a payment processor or payment gateway can be defined as the technology, which serves the function of capturing and transferring payment data from customers to merchants. A digital payment platform will also validate the card details of customers securely. This will ensure that funds are available in the account and money will be transferred to the merchant.

In other words, a payment processor or gateway acts as an interface between the website of the merchant and the acquirer. By payment gateway integration you can encrypt sensitive credit card information, which will in turn ensure that the details will be securely passed from the customer to the merchant.

From the above-statement, it will be pretty clear to you that a payment gateway integration will act as the middleman between the merchant and the customer to ensure that the online transaction has been completed promptly and securely. In addition to that, an online payment software will also help merchants by securely managing the card details of buyers or customers.

Why Do Businesses Need A Payment Gateway

Several businesses in UAE often ask why I need a payment gateway. If you are one among them, then you need to remember that digital payment systems are processed as card-not-present transactions. This means that the credit or debit card of the customer cannot be swiped physically on a POS terminal.

As a result, businesses will have to heavily rely on the credit or debit card information of customers, which is entered on the payment form or page. However, the major issue here is that how can businesses ensure that the card used by a buyer actually belongs to him? It is evident that the chance for fraud risk is comparatively higher when it comes to card-not-present-transactions.

So, just imagine what will happen if there is no payment gateway. Hackers, cybercriminals and other fraudsters will easily gain access to the credit or debit card information that you are processing, which will in turn expose your business for chargebacks and frauds.

In addition to that, fraudsters might even try complex and sophisticated techniques for initiating illegitimate transactions, which will leave your business at a higher risk of cyberattacks and data breaches. If your business becomes the victim of such an attack, then it may damage the reputation of your brand and you might even end up losing several customers.

In other words, a payment gateway or payment processor acts as the gatekeeper of the payment data of customers. A payment gateway will relay information from the merchant, issuing bank, and acquirer by using data encryption.

This is done to protect the merchant and customers from unwanted threats. In addition to that, a payment gateway protects merchants from exceeding credit limits, closed accounts, insufficient funds, expired cards, and more when an online payment is made.

Selecting A Payment Gateway

It is important for businesses to understand the fact that accepting payment from buyers is not as easy as it seems. This is why it is integral for businesses to identify the right payment gateway for their business. Businesses that are using the right payment gateway will be able to enable customers to easily buy products online.

You will also need to ensure that the payment gateway that you are choosing can be easily integrated into the existing systems of your business. Payment gateway integration is critical if you want to ensure a smooth and fine experience to customers when they are making online payments. Get in touch with a payment gateway integration service in dubai to learn more about this.

There are multiple options available to businesses who are looking for a payment gateway for their company. This is why it is important to focus on the specific requirements of your business before selecting a certain payment gateway. This will help you to narrow down the list of options you have.

Once you have narrowed down the options, you should focus on the following factors, as it will surely help you to find the best payment gateway for your company.

  • Do you need integrated gateways or hosted gateways
  • Cost
  • Do you need classic or modern payment gateways

If you are unable to find answers to the above-mentioned things, then it is best to get in touch with for further assistance.

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