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    Digital Payment and E-commerce Solutions

    Digital payments are the fastest-growing, most dynamic sector in financial industry. Digital payments


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    Enterprise Mobility

    Abzer provides you the complete technology solutions for your business using advanced and proven tools


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    AI & Robotic Process Automation

    Documents and Data stored in digital format act as the backbone of information in any organization.


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    API And Integration

    Different applications were developed with varying languages, operate on different hardware and


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    Enterprise Applications

    Abzer’s Enterprise Solutions transforms the business, harmonizing the organization’s IT platforms,


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    Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Decision Making is the most critical management task and decisions are based on right data at the right time


Merchant Payment Integration

A High Secured Comprehensive Plug and Play Solution which enables Merchant to Integrate with e-commerce Platform to various Payment Gateways.



Revolutionize Your Business with Comprehensive Subscription Management

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, automating payment collection efficiently is paramount for organizations providing subscription based products and...
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Top Payment trends to watch out for in 2024

Digital payment technology has brought about disruptive changes in our lives. Although these solutions come with a host of advantages,...
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Revolutionizing Hospitality Payment Processing

Seamless payment experience is imperative to any business in the hospitality sector. It is critical in giving an elevated customer...
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Addressing major Invoice management challenges in the UAE

Gone are the days when simple invoice management software was all you needed to get your finance department working smoothly....
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Powerful Proforma Invoicing to UNLOCK high REVENUE Growth

For any business, revenue is the lifeline. Companies strive to unlock multiple streams of income, increase sales, achieve greater market...
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E-Invoicing Solutions: a Global Superhero?

E-invoicing solutions have slowly, but surely made their way into the day-to-day running of a business. Apart from saving tons...
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What Powerful Branding & Custom Templates can do for your Business

Every business loves to be the customer’s first choice, and customers too are constantly looking for a brand that they...
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When AI is changing the world, why is data reconciliation stuck in the 90s?

When it comes to transactions between customers and third-party vendors, payment intermediaries play a very critical role. The exchange of...
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5 Actionable tips to reduce chargebacks

Most merchants in the hotel business consider chargebacks as a necessary evil of doing business. But did you know that...
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5 Things you should never be doing while accepting digital payments

Digital Payments have been the greatest enablers of global trade and commerce. The wide-spread adoption of digital payments spurred the...
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Tired of late payments? 6 ways how e-Invoices help you get faster payments

  More than 50% of SMEs in the UK experience late payments. This negatively impacts the cash flow. Eventually, this...
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Traditional Payment and Digital Payments-Definition, Methods, and Benefits

The pandemic has spurred the use of digital payment solutions in our daily lives. Not just businesses, but common consumers...
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How Digital Payments Can Transform Your business?  

Are you a business owner looking to increase revenue? Are you struggling to keep up with the changing market trends?...
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