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    Digital Payment and E-commerce Solutions

    Digital payments are the fastest-growing, most dynamic sector in financial industry. Digital payments


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    Enterprise Mobility

    Abzer provides you the complete technology solutions for your business using advanced and proven tools


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    AI & Robotic Process Automation

    Documents and Data stored in digital format act as the backbone of information in any organization.


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    API And Integration

    Different applications were developed with varying languages, operate on different hardware and


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    Enterprise Applications

    Abzer’s Enterprise Solutions transforms the business, harmonizing the organization’s IT platforms,


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    Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Decision Making is the most critical management task and decisions are based on right data at the right time



Merchant Payment Integration

A High Secured Comprehensive Plug and Play Solution which enables Merchant to Integrate with e-commerce Platform to various Payment Gateways.




We have started to work with Abzer and their Smart Invoice system 5 years ago and from the start we have been really impressed with their professionalism and approach. The Abzer staff is very well trained and our contact person is very acquainted with our company requirements. The response time when there are any questions is very fast. We are very happy working with Abzer and hope to continue working together fruitfully in the long run.

Elke Martien H Vinck

Aspire Gymnastics Team


“Eduzer cashless, paperless and effortless payment process is so good that our staff can dedicate more time to other duties. The ease of online payments has expedited our fees collection.”

Shahab Fareed FCCA

Group Chief Accountant | Ittihad Private Schools Group | Arabian Education Company


“Abzer’s On-premise and Cloud payment processing solution has significantly improved the way our company processes credit card transactions”

Rohit Balachandran

Finance Manager | BCD Travel LLC


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Abzer is a leading technology company operating in the MENA and APAC region, providing innovative software solutions to help businesses to perform better by adopting the best technology in the market

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Abzer Technology Solutions | Top Software Development Company in UAE | Digital Payment Solutions | Business Intelligence & Analytics | AI & Robotic Process Automation | Data Transformation And Integration | Enterprise Applications | Enterprise Mobility

We at Abzer understand that developing a software system that meets the specific requirements of your business is crucial for succeeding in today’s digitally competitive market. The requirements of one business may vary significantly when compared to another. This is why all businesses irrespective of their size should consider seeking the help of a top software development company in UAE.

A common mistake that several businesses make is they invest in off-the-shelf software systems that are designed by considering common business needs. Such a software system might help you to a certain extent, but it will most likely fail to fulfil the specific requirements of your business. However, you will be able to build custom software by getting in touch with a top software development company in Dubai, UAE.

What Is Custom Software Development

Custom software development can be defined as the process of building software to meet the specific requirements of an organization. Abzer’s primary goal when designing custom software is to make sure that all requirements and preferences of a certain business are met without any fail.

Just like all other software development processes, the process of custom software development involves different stages or steps. The steps involved in the software development process are research, risk management, changes management, development, intermediate deliveries, quality assurance, and more.

Why the Top Software Development Company in Dubai | UAE

If you are someone who is new to the business world, then you would probably be wondering why I should invest in custom software development. Businesses face complex and different issues, which means that a standard software system might not be able to resolve the issue on its own. This is why you will need a custom software system that can offer customized solutions for your business.

Another fascinating aspect of custom software systems is that they will help scale your business not just to meet customer requirements, but also to meet the requirements of the evolving market. Businesses that have opted for a standard software system instead of a customized one will surely suffer. Here are a few more reasons that will explain why businesses should opt for custom software development services from Abzer.

Designed Based On Your Needs

As mentioned earlier, developing custom software has become an essential requirement for most businesses these days. This is because the custom software will be tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of your company.

You will be able to customize the features of the custom software and decide what it should do. As a result, the custom software will be able to fulfil all your business needs and it can also be easily deployed throughout the organization.

Scale Your Business Better

Most companies will be planning to expand the scale of their business operations. This will involve the creation of new processes, services, and products. Unfortunately, most off-the-shelf software systems are not capable of handling the requirements of businesses when they are growing. So, if you are using such a software system, then it will result in a loss of functionality and productivity. This is where our custom software development services can help you.

Businesses that try to modify off-the-shelf software to meet their growing needs may encounter bugs and other issues. On the other hand, custom software development will be able to easily handle business growth without any hassles. This implies that businesses will be able to modify, update, and continue to use their custom software for years.

Helps You to Make Your Website Look Unique

When you are using an off-the-shelf software system, you are using tools that aren’t created for your business. This may reduce creativity, productivity, and efficiency. Businesses need to understand that a ready-made software system or application is not an excellent choice for your business if you want to grow.

There are indeed several businesses that invest in off-the-shelf software solutions. However, most of these businesses just need a website and they aren’t interested in using the website to increase sales or generate leads. If your business is not like them, then you will need to seek the help of a custom software application development company in UAE.

A custom software will make your website look unique and you will be able to change the colors, style, logo, and more without changing the whole template. A unique website with an attractive background, images, and style is sure to instantly grab the attention of website visitors.

Easy Integration with Existing Systems 

Another fascinating aspect of custom software solutions is that they allow businesses to integrate different APIs into an existing business system with ease. This is beneficial for organizations that use multiple systems across different business departments.

The implementation of custom software solutions to existing business systems is done to boost efficiency and productivity. Businesses that are not using a custom software solution will find it hard to integrate the off-the-shelf software with the existing business systems.

Maintenance and Support 

One of the major benefits of choosing custom software development from a top IT solutions company is that you will be able to work with a dedicated team of experts. This means that these experts will be always there to help you when you run into any issues with the custom software system.

Custom web development is not a simple and easy process. In fact, a specific set of expertise and skill is required to develop custom software systems. So, you will need to hire the best software company in Dubai that will be able to offer regular maintenance and support at all times.

Wrapping Up 

Off-the-shelf software solutions are built to meet common business needs. Due to this, they may not be an ideal option for your business. When it comes to custom software development, the process starts with including essential features, and then you can later add new functions or features to meet the growing needs of your business.

Our custom software solutions are designed in such a way that they are capable of meeting evolving needs of businesses. Businesses that want to have the best features within a budget should certainly choose custom software development over other options.

If your requirements are not addressed in the above please do tell us more about your project. It is likely that we will be able to address your needs.

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