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With the world hit by a raging pandemic, technological innovations in the healthcare sector are crucial. Now more than ever, we need to look forward to new and innovative healthcare services. Enterprise Resourcing is one such innovation that enables the healthcare industry to offer faster, cost-effective, and more advanced services.

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As we look forward to cost-effective and convenient ways to access healthcare, service providers are coming up with innovative ideas to meet that demand. This need for advanced medical services led to the introduction of telemedicine into the healthcare industry. For individuals in remote locations with little to no access to quality healthcare services, telemedicine has had a significant impact. Adopting telemedicine means the patients can avoid the commute to medical facilities and the expenses that come with it. They will also have access to various specialist physicians across the globe. Telemedicine will also extend healthcare services to a larger population and can help people engage with healthcare service providers more often. But above all, what motivates individuals to adopt telemedicine is its affordability. It also makes follow-up consultations and second opinions easier and cost-effective.  

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Patient Database

Creating a centralized patient database streamlines the patient management process and helps avoid errors that occur when the process is carried out manually. Enterprise Resourcing helps keep a centralized record of patient history, appointment details, prescriptions, and other treatment related information for each patient. This implementation makes it easier to access or update the patient records by the concerned authorities, saving time and valuable resources in the process.

The right payment gateway or process will give hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities the option to save patient card and payment information. Online invoicing for hospitals will make online bill payment for clinics a lot more simpler and faster for patients.

In addition to that, online payment for hospitals will make it easier for healthcare facilities and clinics to easily set up recurring bill payments. With just a single feature, you will be able to cut down the number of late and missed payments along with guaranteeing a better and reliable flow of revenue.

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Assistive Tools

Tools like document management, appointment scheduler, E-prescription/pharmacy services, billing/payment services, patient/doctor portals, etc., are some highlights of Enterprise Resourcing in the healthcare industry. These tools or services are beneficial to the patients and service providers alike as it reduces operational costs and significantly increases accessibility.

Most healthcare institutions and clinics will be surely planning to add digital or online payment software for customers. Giving patients the options to pay remotely through their smartphones will allow them to keep better track of their medical bills. In fact, by integrating online payments for hospitals you can easily track the medical bills of all patients.

Online Payment Solutions for Hospitals

It is evident that the Covid19 pandemic has been one of the major reasons that forced businesses in different sectors of UAE to accelerate the process of digitization. However, one of the sectors that has to accelerate the digitization process was undoubtedly healthcare. The rapid spread of the virus forced healthcare institutions and hospitals to find a new way to offer medical services to patients.

As governments advised people to practice social distancing measures, patients became apprehensive of visiting hospitals and clinics. In fact, most of them were in search of an alternative way to get in touch with healthcare providers. This resulted in several healthcare centers and clinics in UAE offering remote services to patients, which ensures greater safety to customers.

As a result, the popularity of remote healthcare has considerably increased ever since the pandemic. This encouraged several healthcare institutions to offer online payment options to patients. This means that patients will be able to easily and quickly make payments without risking their safety.

The Increasing Popularity of Online Payment Options

Most patients are looking for a comfortable and convenient way to make payments. This is why they have ditched the traditional payment methods. It doesn’t really matter whether they are buying groceries or getting medical care, most of us prefer to make online payments. It is even safe to say that digital payments have become the standard these days.

As mentioned earlier, the Covid19 pandemic has forced several patients to look for remote and contactless ways to pay for medical care. If you are still wondering why patients opt for online payment options for hospitals instead of traditional payment methods, then here are a few reasons that will help you understand why.

Reliable Payment Mode

There is no denying the fact that getting paid is an essential requirement or top priority for businesses of all sizes. Since most customers are searching for a convenient and quicker payment option, giving them the option to make digital payment will make it really easy for businesses to get paid.

The results obtained from a recent MasterCard survey revealed that approximately 46 percent of customers have already switched to digital and contactless payment options ever since the start of the Covid19 pandemic. The survey also pointed out that nearly 74 percent of customers will continue to opt for these methods even when the Covid19 pandemic is over.

This is why it is crucial for healthcare facilities and clinics to respond to the latest payment trend by expanding the payment options. If you are able to do that, then you will surely be able to witness a rise in patient payments. In addition, healthcare facilities and clinics will even be able to lower the uncollected amounts from patients.

Better Patient Satisfaction and Engagement

Patients are a lot more engaged in their medical care a lot more than ever as we are slowly but steadily moving towards a digital way of viewing the medical data of patients. This means that most patients are less likely to forget about their medical bills. The option to easily view and pay medical bills offers great convenience to patients.

The right payment gateway, which is combined with an efficient patient portal will ensure a fine and engaging user experience to patients. Most customers will surely love such a system, which means that they will be greatly satisfied with the service and convenience offered by your clinic or healthcare institution.

Better Patient Care

Your clinic will be able to easily track the medical bills of all patients by giving patients the options to pay remotely through their smartphones.

This means that staff and others will not have to worry about manually organizing the medical bills of different patients. As a result, hospitals and clinics will be able to allocate more resources for helping patients. Fewer people waiting at the front desk of your clinic and fewer collection calls will help you offer better care to patients.

Other Benefits

Another important thing to note is that printing outpatient statements and mailing them can be quite time-consuming and costly. The good news is that you will be able to eliminate such expenses by giving patients the option to make digital or online payments.

However, it is important for healthcare facilities and clinics to understand that there are few challenges, which they have to consider before implementing online invoicing software.

Technical Issues

Just like any other system that relies on technical infrastructure, digital or online payments might also experience downtime and disturbances in some cases. Tech maintenance operations that are performed in the card network system or online payment gateways are announced in advance, limited in time, and scheduled for time periods when there isn’t really a lot of traffic.

The Risk of Fraud

It is evident that the appetite to spend online has considerably increased in recent years. However, it is integral to note there is a risk of fraud when it comes to online payments and transactions. A study revealed that approximately 24 billion dollars were lost just because of fraudulent credit card transactions in 2018.

One of the major disadvantages of online payments or transactions is that there is a chance for customers and merchants to get exposed to different types of malevolent attacks. Cybercriminals and hackers have been using innovative and complex techniques to interfere with online payments, which is why businesses need to ensure that they have adequate security measures.

If your requirements are not addressed in the above please do tell us more about your project. It is likely that we will be able to address your needs.

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