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What is Enterprise Mobility?

The mobile technology landscape is fast-changing, and Enterprise Mobility is leading the way. It is a new way of doing business which has primarily been dominated by mobile applications. Given how digitized the world has become, enterprise mobility has emerged as the new hero in the industry.

Essentially, enterprise mobility is a trend which empowers businesses and employees to accomplish their work tasks using mobile devices and cloud services. The term “enterprise mobility” focuses on endowing mobility to corporate data. Thus, thanks to the new technology, employees can easily upload data from desktop or laptop devices to a cloud storage utility, then access it from a smartphone or tablet to show to a client or audience elsewhere.

This new-and-improved way of doing business is garnering popularity worldwide. In fact, industry insiders have vouched that enterprise mobility has enhance employee productivity, and facilitated user engagement – because of which businesses are seeing a marked improvement in customer loyalty and market penetration.

Why Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

Popular research claims that approximately 5 billion people worldwide are plugged into one device, at least. The enormous number mirrors how digitization and mobile applications have transformed human habits and industry trends. Suffice to say, enterprise mobility solutions have empowered businesses like no other. Enterprise mobility solutions is a necessity and good news overall. Thanks to the invention of smartphones and wireless networks, it has become habitual for employees to bring along their own devices at work and log into their emails and other apps in real time via their phones. Observing the powers of convenience brought about by enterprise applications, more and more businesses are now brainstorming to incorporate enterprise mobility solutions and design policies around the same. In most scenarios, the rollout of enterprise mobility solutions occurs in three phases:

Enterprise Mobility Solutions We Provide

At Abzer, our Enterprise Mobility Solutions vertical is equipped to provide clients with versatile range of services and solutions. Our key areas include:

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    Hotel Reservations

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    Taxi Booking

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    Integration SDK’s

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    Table Reservations

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    Custom Applications

Enterprise mobility services and solutions is a challenging endeavor, and we’re always up for a good challenge! We have a skillful and experienced team of designers and developers who work in tandem with clients to offer them tailor-made, innovative enterprise mobility solutions. Be it strategizing, making the app, testing, or deployment, we give our clients full-service solutions.

What Is Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility can be described as a term, which refers to the increasing trend of enterprises supporting remote operations for their employees through wireless devices. The growing trend displays that several businesses are ready to adopt technologies, policies, and processes, which enables effective and secure access to corporate services, data, and apps.

Workforce or employees of different businesses will be able to save a considerable amount of corporate resources and time by doing their work from anywhere they want with the help of an internet-enabled device. Frost & Sullivan recently released a research report, which stated that employees who are using smartphones to perform office work were able to gain 58 minutes every day.

The research also revealed that the productivity of employees who were completing office work from smartphones increased by 34 percent. However, it is important to remember that there is a lot more to Enterprise Mobility than just using Bring Your Own Devices for office work.

Enterprise Mobility Trends

Digitally active workforce and global organizations have already started demanding for enterprise mobility. Technology trends that include solutions, which enables behavioral change among workforce and remote work operations has pushed several enterprises to support enterprise mobility.

Here are a few interesting stats and facts that were published in the Future of Mobility report by PWC a few years ago.

  • Nearly 60 percent of CEOs are planning to reshape HR functions to bring essential workforce transformation to businesses.
  • Traditional workplace models allowed only one percent of the workforce of a company to work remotely. That’s not the case today thanks to the introduction of modern enterprise mobility practises, which enables approximately 80 percent of employees to perform and complete tasks remotely.

It is also important to note that BYOD or Bring Your Own Device industry has started booming in recent years mainly due to the increase in the adoption of enterprise mobility practises by several businesses. Here are a few interesting stats regarding the BYOD industry according to several new studies.

  • The Bring Your Own Device is expected to reach 15 percent CAGR by the year 2024
  • The practise of Bring Your Own Device adoption is currently increasing among both older employees and millennials. As per a report, around 50 percent of employees and 61 percent of Gen Y firmly believe that personal mobile devices are a lot more productive and effective than employer-provided devices when it comes to work obligations.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility

Companies are making changes not just because of technology solutions, which have enabled remote working. These trends also show positive shifts towards innovation and collaboration. Moreover, organizations will even be able to greatly benefit from enterprise mobility by closing the IT talent gap, boosting workforce productivity, and saving on resources.

In other words, the enterprise mobile trend is no longer a tool for businesses, but it has become an essential requirement if companies want to survive in today’s digitally competitive market. 

Tips To Initiate Enterprise Mobility

Tech companies from all over the world allowed employees to work from home ever since the start of the pandemic. These companies are expected to considerably improve the potential of their enterprise mobility strategies or initiatives in coming years. Here are a few tips on how you can initiate enterprise mobility.

  • Identify business cases and objectives
  • Develop a process framework and policy
  • Deploy (EMM)
  • Implement Compliance and Security
  • Evaluate and develop KPIs
  • Integrate technologies, processes, and experiences
  • Promote privacy of end users

The flexible behavior and efficiency of enterprise mobility provides significant advantages to several businesses that include reduced expenses, enhanced customer satisfaction, increased security, and more.

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