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Top-notch property management online services at your fingertips to reduce operational costs and boost efficiency The Covid19 pandemic has greatly changed the landscape of several businesses in UAE and one among them is property management companies. It is safe to say that the need for online property management services in Dubai has increased in recent years. In fact, several property management professionals are on the lookout for innovative and modern property management tools.

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Abzer creates products to make property management functions easier and completely automated. From sending online invoices and automatic payment reminders to real-time payment processing, we’ve got it all covered! We provide comprehensive payment solutions for real estate developers to enable contactless online payment collection. Our advanced subscription management module helps to completely automate the payment collection process and auto-deduct the amount without any manual intervention.

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Abzer helps to address all the technology and consultation requirements for banks and financial institutions. We provide solutions engineered with secure and cost-effective tools to guarantee exceptional results.

Our dedicated team is proficient in multi-tenant and multi-country banking services. We are a leading e-commerce and plugin provider and also have experience creating multiple online payment products for various industries. Abzer also has expertise in custom banking projects, offshore development services, and providing onsite/offshore consultancy services.

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Contactless Payments

Our top-of-the-line contactless payment solutions make managing property management charges hassle-free for both the merchant and the customer. Payments can be made anytime, from anywhere in the world using mobile devices.

A recent report has also pointed out that online payment options have highly increased the chance of tenants making rent payments on time. According to the report, the interest of both tenants and landlords in making online rent payment has increased by approximately 25 percent ever since the start of the pandemic.

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Recurring Payments

Create recurring payments to avoid late or missed payments. It saves time and helps customers avoid any late payment charges. It will also help the business curb operational costs.

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Manage Multiple Properties

The merchant can manage multiple businesses on a single platform. It makes the processes easy, efficient, and cost-effective. The merchant can send invoices to customers residing in different properties with just the touch of a button.

Most of you will be well aware of the fact that property inspections are an essential part of renting an apartment or house. This is especially true in the case of tenants who are moving in or out. A number of landlords and property managers have started to use mobile inspection software systems and applications for completing the inspections safely.

Property managers can choose to carry out the inspection of the property on their own or they could even send virtual reports to tenants. Another option is to allow tenants to complete property inspections on their own along with collecting important information that has been outlined by the landlord or property manager.

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Collect Rent Online

Our product help businesses collect rent from customers online. It makes the rent collection and property management online process easy and helps the merchant create a detailed record of all the transactions.

Online rent payments enable tenants to easily pay rent in just a few minutes through their smartphone or any other device that is connected to the internet. The comfort and convenience offered by online rent payment has made them quite popular among tenants. Online rent payment options are highly secure and they also eliminate risks associated with check or cash fraud. Another interesting aspect of cloud-based online rent payment options is that they offer great protection to customer data. This means that switching to online rent payment methods will help you to protect yourself and the tenant.

Property Payment Solutions in UAE

The Covid19 pandemic has greatly changed the landscape of several businesses and one among them is property management. It is true that effective online property management tools will enable you to easily and efficiently run a property management business remotely. The social distancing measures and months of nationwide lockdowns due to the Covid19 pandemic urged several businesses to adapt new practices and policies for keeping their business running along with guaranteeing the safety of their employees and customers.

As a result, online tools have become an essential requirement for most modern businesses and the property management industry is not an exception. A number of processes such as property maintenance, rent collection, rental vacancies, tenant turnover, and tenant communication had to be carried out in a very different way to keep everyone safe.

Growing Need for Property Payment Solutions and Tools

Several property managers and landlords have started to rely on online property management solutions and other virtual tools to ensure effective and efficient management of their rental properties remotely. It is crucial to note that several landlords and property managers had already started to do this even before the covid19 pandemic.

However, the pandemic has shown us why it is integral to use property payment solutions and property management solutions. It is evident that the use of these property management solutions and similar tools will rise in the coming years. Here are a few remote property management tips that will enable you to better manage your properties without any hassles.

Tenant Portals

Tenant portals have started to become increasingly important for the success of most property management businesses. Tenant portals will enable renters to facilitate maintenance requests, make online rent payments, track payment history, and easily communicate with landlords or property managers. These are crucial business tasks that you will need to effectively manage when you are remotely running your business.

One of the grave mistakes that several property owners and landlords make is that they tend to underestimate the affordability and convenience of offering such options to tenants. It is crucial to remember that your businesses will surely suffer if you do not provide a tenant portal. This is because most renters highly appreciate the ability to easily complete tasks online.

Online Rent Collection

Before the Covid19 pandemic, several landlords decided to allow online rent payment options to tenants to help them save both time and money. An interesting thing about online rent payment is that it didn’t just offer a convenient and simple way to pay rent, but it also allowed tenants to make rent payments without compromising their safety especially during a situation such as the ongoing Covid19 pandemic.

Landlords who are offering tenants the option to make online rent payments will be able to run things smoothly remotely without any issues. This is another major reason why landlords and property owners have started to offer online rent payment options to their tenants. Let us take a quick look at the benefits tenants and property managers can enjoy by opting for online rent payment.

  • Schedule recurring payment reminders
  • Easily and quickly view rent collection status
  • Streamline property management operations
  • Save time and money by automating tasks and processes
  • Secure in-built payments module

Online Maintenance Requests

It is integral for property managers to understand that the process of virtual property management starts with providing a way for your tenants to make maintenance requests online. Online maintenance requests will surely urge renters to let landlords or property owners know about all issues with their home or property as soon as they identify them.

Apart from that, online maintenance requests make it possible for property managers and landlords to request images of the issues from tenants. They will also be able to quickly review and prioritize tenant requests. In addition to that, property owners can also track the progress of tenant requests and assign the requests to vendors of their choice.

It is important to note that several businesses have started to set up virtual systems for maintenance teams and vendors. This will make it easy for them to keep the property managers and landlords informed regarding renovations and repairs. Property managers will also be able to create a list of requests or items, which they would want to see through videos or images.

If your requirements are not addressed in the above please do tell us more about your project. It is likely that we will be able to address your needs.

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