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3 STEPS to generate payment links

Step 1
Generate Payment link

Click to Generate payment link

Step 2
Enter customer details

Enter the details of the customer you want to bill

Step 3
Start accepting payments

Start accepting payments

With a feature-rich mobile application you can charge customers instantly.

Generate Payment Link
Generate Payment links on the go
Track Payments

Track payments

Seamless onboarding

Seamless onboarding

Hassle free refunds

Hassle-free refunds

Payment history
Payment history analytics
Secure Payments
Ensured secured payments

Bill your customers the smart way and start accepting payments on the go!

What are the Merchant benefits of using payment links?

Payment links drive online payments without the need for any additional infrastructure or hardware or even a QR Code. Creating a payment link that will take your customers directly to your checkout page will not only make the process faster, but encourage customers to complete the transaction.
Payment links will ensure

Merchants get paid faster

Any merchant can share a payment link through an SMS, email, messenger or via any social media platform and direct your customers straight to the payment page. Making the payment process easier and effortless for customers will ensure timely payments which will keep cashflow smooth and frictionless. Cash flow hindrance is detrimental to business sustenance and growth.

Greater Customization

Every customer is unique and customization is the buzz word today. Payment links can cater to the varied demands of each customer as they come in different forms. A merchant can decide which payment link is best suited for the platform that they sell on. If you run a business where customer interactions and conversational commerce is involved, then direct payment links are optimal, while a QR scan or even a “BUY” button is best suited for online or in-person selling.

Customers are offered multiple payment modes

Convenience is the top priority of consumers today. Consumers who have reached your checkout page expect to make payments of their choice, be it credit or debit cards, digital payment options like Apple Pay, Google pay, etc. By offering additional payment modes, you are also making it easier for customers to make payments. Customers of the digital age are more comfortable to avail digital payment options. Millennials rarely carry cash around.

Hassle-free Payments

Any merchant can get paid instantly with a payment link without the need of any account, or even a mobile application. Your customer can reach your online checkout page from any device and complete the purchase hassle-free. Cash payments have been steadily reducing over the past few years. Card payments are also on the decline, though not phased out yet as many customers still prefer card payments. It is estimated that as more and more consumers are getting comfortable with digital payment options, there will be a complete withdrawal of cards in a span of 10 to 20 days.

How to create and track payment links?

The best part about Abzer’s pay-by-link is that you can create unlimited payment links in the nick of time from anywhere and at anytime!

Create and share links quickly

Track payments easily

Efficient refund management

Smoothly onboard customers

Abzer’s pay-by-link solution Simplify your payment collection!

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