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    SmartCheckInn is a comprehensive and scalable payment solution for the Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism industries. It is specifically designed to minimize the operational challenges

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    Comprehensive online payment invoicing solution that eliminates payment related challenges for your business.

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    Clinzer is an advanced Health Information System designed specifically for healthcare providers to help them use technology to manage their industry best healthcare practices effectively

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    Eduzer® is a Smart Online Payment Solution for Secure Online Payment Collection for Schools and Educational Institutions.

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    QuikPay enables businesses to implement contactless payment through exceptional digital payment solutions.

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    Smartzer is a Technology and Operational Consulting Service specialized in the Cards and Payments domain, which helps to expand your business in a Faster, Optimal and Smarter Way.

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    CardZip is a digital mobile solution which Empowering the digital banking customer to take control of when, where and how much they can spend using their cards. It’s as easy as zipping and unzipping your wallets when you need it .​ it provide Superior spend control and expense management.

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    QuickIn is a digital mobile solution which support web and mobile based On-Boarding banking customers for accounts and cards and providing cards in digital format instantly.

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    Freedom is an integrated digital banking platform to enable users to access a variety of financial and other services including accounts, cards , loans . Providing banks and FIs with the ability to seamlessly upgrade the user’s digital experience and security.

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    CollectNow is a Comprehensive Online payment solution for secure and convenient payment collection, which offer easy and reliable payment channel to business and customers.

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    Inventory is a comprehensive, Intuitive, multi-location inventory management application which helps you to make smart business decisions , it helps in Card, Voucher, POS Inventory management.

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    Securely send WhatsApp messages with APIs. Notify Integrate WhatsApp and other communications channels like SMS and MMS with the Programmable Messaging API, or orchestrate multichannel, multiparty interactions using the Conversations API.

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    Fulfil Portal

    Fulfil helps the Card & Transaction Maintenance process in a Lower costs and faster order handling processes. Portal comes with workflow and dashboards

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    Loyalty Gateway

    Loyalty gateway provide secure and Instant Loyalty Redemption with Merchant Integration via API . Loyalty gateway can integrate with any loyalty application of CMS applications.