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Centralization & Integration

Modern technology is reshaping the education sector. As you can see already, virtual classes are replacing physical classrooms. This transition has made it increasingly difficult for educational institutions to collect tuition fees from the parents. Our mission is to provide institutions with a contactless, digital alternative to collect tuition fees from the parents.

Although the education sector has been using technology to boost teaching effectiveness, tracking and maintaining an effective centralized system that would assist in making informed decisions has taken a back seat. Student profiles, payment history, automated notifications, digital course materials, teacher profiles, finance systems, and specialized ERP systems are some vital factors that would help educational institutions run efficiently. Having disparate solutions would create a seamless integration for accuracy and control over the technological ecosystem.

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MOOCs and other New Models of Teaching

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are the new kids on the education block, so to speak. It is encouraged as many higher education institutions already embraced MOOCs and has seen success. Game-based learning, reading solutions, Interactive learning, network and storage solutions, and mobile learning are some of the trending technological advancements that would enhance the quality of education even outside of the campus.

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Digital Payment Solutions

While digitalizing the school payment transactions can make payments faster and reduce risks, it can also improve customer satisfaction. Digital payment technology has the potential to cut down the cost of processing, communication with the parent, and data collection.

School ERP Software 4 - Abzer

Mobile Device Integration

Mobile learning has taken over the education industry by storm. A majority of schools have already started to implement it to evolve their business processes. It helps institutions make the services they offer available at your fingertips. Creating institution-specific mobile apps and integrating them with the central system will significantly improve the functioning of the institutions. Course document sharing, faculty schedule notification, attendance tracking, downloadable content, e-library creation, online payment, additional service application, and student profiling are some key features needed to adapt to the mobile dependent world.

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