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comprehensive online payment invoicing solution that eliminates payment related challenges for your business.

SmartCheckInn® is our comprehensive online payment invoicing solution that eliminates payment related challenges for your business. Every business in the market carries out multiple transactions between their customers and other business entities. There are several invoices being created on an hourly basis and payment action needs to be carried out on every single one of them. Confirmation of payments received, then needs to be notified to the finance and accounts department to create accurate financial records. On pending payments a whole new set of action is needed to remind the payee and manage the complete collection process. This is an intricate business process which is mostly managed manually and thus leads to several critical errors that can have adverse effect on your business.

SmartCheckInn® It becomes much more complex when you are dealing with customers and vendors from different parts of the world. Global customers who speak different language and use different currency would desire a payment solution that connects with them. Payment processing through multiple-currency is a must have for any business with customers across the globe. Fraudulent activities, charge backs, payment data security are other major challenges which needs to be addressed.

Abzer Technologies, has worked across multiple industry verticals to cater to their unique online invoicing and payment needs, through an advanced online invoicing and payment solution,SmartCheckInn®.

Creating custom invoices, tracking product sales, sending automated invoices, notifying payment confirmation, integrating with finance, schedule recurring invoices, real-time online payment processing, accurate revenue tracking, international payments processing are just few of the features pre-built in SmartCheckInn® .

Smart Invoice is a must have solution for your business to process, manage, track and analyze all your online payments with a single click.


VAT Enabled Invoice Solution

We have enabled VAT as part of our smart invoice solution, inline with the VAT implementation in UAE. Our VAT enabled invoice solution helps organizations to raise VAT invoices to their customers, receive online payment and track the VAT payments effectively.

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Industries using SmartCheckInn®

Facilities Management
Manufacturing and Trading
Logistics and Supply chain

Insurance & Banking
Energy and Utilities
Consultants & IT
Travel & Tourism
Digital Agencies