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Comprehensive online invoicing software solution that eliminates payment related challenges for your business.


Most businesses would be probably familiar with online invoice generator software systems. They are used by different types of businesses to create credit notes and invoices according to the standard format. Online Invoice generator software systems provide payment gateways that enable business owners and accounts to keep track of business transactions, calculate taxable amounts, and interact with customers and vendors. Unfortunately, several businesses in UAE, especially small and medium ones take care of bookkeeping and related tasks on their own. This means that the chance for redundancies and human errors can be quite high. The good news is that you will be able to avoid all such issues by investing in an efficient online invoice generator software system.

What is an Online Invoice Generator Software?

In simple words, invoice generator software can be defined as a tool that allows businesses to generate invoices automatically for the provided goods and services. Most billing software systems function by creating a list of purchased products and services and offering a secure payment gateway. The software will then add the cost for the items along with discounts before issuing the invoice online. Pay invoice online software systems provide ready-made templates to businesses along with eliminating the need for manual processing. This will allow employees to focus on other important business operations, which will not just save time, but also increase productivity. Cloud billing systems are capable of making recordkeeping, collection, and billing uncomplicated and automatic for businesses of all sizes.

Why Use an online Invoice Generating Software?

The introduction of automation in different industries has presented an opportunity for businesses to function a lot more efficiently. The process of invoicing has considerably evolved over the last few years. Until a few years ago, invoicing was a complicated and time-consuming task for most local and international businesses. However, that’s not the case anymore because several providers have introduced software systems, applications and payment gateways in UAE that are capable of simplifying the billing process. That said, several small and medium-sized businesses often wonder whether they should invest in payment invoicing software systems or not. As mentioned earlier, an payment invoicing software system can do wonders for not just large-scale businesses, but also for small and medium business platforms. The pay invoice online software will allow businesses to generate paperless invoices, which will be later stored in the cloud. The invoices stored in the cloud can be easily accessed and processed whenever you want. Another added advantage of using an online invoicing software solutions is that there will be no wastage of paper, which means that the process is environmentally friendly. In short, payment invoicing software is an excellent choice for all types of businesses who want to effectively manage their payment processing services.

What are the benefits of using an online invoice generator software for your business?

If you are still wondering whether you should purchase an Online invoice generator software system for your business, then here are a few benefits that will explain why you should get one.

  • Reduces Errors

    Online invoice solutions or generators will help businesses with calculations to reduce the chances of errors. The software will automatically add the taxes and make sure that the customer is billed correctly. There is no denying the fact that processes carried out by humans are prone to errors. Such errors can be quite costly to businesses in some cases because they may damage your relationship with customers. Fortunately, you will be able to avoid errors and other issues in invoicing by investing in an invoice generating software system.

  • Higher Sales

    Combo packages, seasonal offers, and discounts are offered by several businesses to boost the revenue and sales of your company. Offering discounts and attractive deals will surely help you to attract more customers to your business offerings. Most invoice generating software applications will allow businesses to modulate the offers and automatically add them to the invoice. So, businesses will not have to worry about the calculations and changes, which will come with the offers.

  • Remote Access

    One of the best things about cloud-based invoicing software solutions is that they make it possible for businesses to easily save all their financial data. The invoices, estimates, expense recipes, and other related documents of businesses that are using a cloud-based invoicing software system will be stored online in a single dashboard. An efficient invoice generating software will also offer payment reminders to businesses and even allows them to send stripe payment links to customers with ease.

Choosing the Best online Invoice Generator Software for your Business

Do you know that approximately 18 percent of small-scale businesses in UAE do not use account software systems? Only 21 percent of small businesses have integrated invoicing and accounting. If you are one among them, you need to understand that you are missing out on the opportunity to boost productivity and sales. Selecting a top invoice generator software will surely be an important decision for your business. The abundant number of invoicing tools available in the market can overwhelm or confuse you. This is why we listed a few simple tips that will help you choose the best online invoice generator in UAE.

Understand your Business Requirements

You will need to initially figure out what you need in the invoice generator software. Do you need a simple software that can send out invoices and track time? Do you need to invest in a software system, which can be integrated with your accounting software? You should also consider things like how many people will be using the software and for what purposes. This will most likely help you to narrow down the list of options and find the best online invoice generator in UAE or Dubai.


The next thing you should do is to set a budget for the invoice generator software. It is important to understand that the pricing model of these software systems may vary. For instance, most cloud-based invoicing software systems will have a fixed monthly fee. You may be able to get a discount if you pay for a year. On the other hand, invoicing software systems, which you can host yourself can be quite costly. However, you will not have to pay any additional money on the software until you decide to upgrade it. Here are a few more tips that you should consider when you are in the market to buy an invoice generator software system.

  • Compare the features
  • Check if the software can be integrated with other systems
  • Ask around to get an idea of what invoice generator software systems are popular among other companies
  • Check If the software is easy to use or not
  • Ask if there are any hidden costs
  • Check if the software can be customized or not

SmartInvoice enables businesses to manage their online payment invoices from anywhere, at any time with just a click of a button.

SmartInvoice is a comprehensive payment invoicing solution to help enterprises make their invoicing process easy and efficient. It offers an extensive list of features that benefits businesses and consumers alike. Our expert team will personalize SmartInvoice to meet specific business requirements. Payment invoicing involves various complicated steps that can be easily automated and carried out simultaneously through SmartInvoice. It can reduce processing time and eliminate human errors that would otherwise occur. SmartInvoice has a user-friendly interface and can share invoices instantly through multiple mediums like email, SMS, or social media.

Abzer Technologies has worked across multiple industry verticals to cater to their unique online invoicing and payment needs through an advanced online invoicing and payment solution, SmartInvoice®.

Industries using

Banks and Other Financial Institutions

Banks and Other Financial Institutions

Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers

Institutions like Dance School

Multiple Institutions like Dance School, Swimming Acadamy, etc

Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies

Property Management Solutions

Property Management Solutions


Invoicing for multiple organizations

Multiple Organizations

Dashboard and analytics

Dashboard / Analytics

Online Invoicing

Online Invoicing

Recurring Invoice generator

Recurring Invoice

Batch invoice generator

Batch Invoice

Bulk invoice generator

Bulk Invoice

Customer and item masters

Customer and Item Masters

Invoice and payment terms

Invoice and Payment Terms

Charges and discounts profile

Charges and Discounts Profile

Multiple payment gateway integration

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

Multiple payment collection modes

Multiple Collection Modes

Revenue by customer

Revenue by Customer

Payment analytics

Payment Analytics

VAT Enabled Invoicing Software Solutions

We have enabled VAT as part of our smart invoice solution, inline with the VAT implementation in UAE. Our VAT enabled invoice solution helps organizations to raise VAT invoices to their customers, receive online payment and track the VAT payments effectively.

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