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Enterprise Applications

We, at Abzer, drive businesses to success by giving them the much required edge in the industry.

Abzer’s Enterprise Solutions transforms the business, harmonizing the organization’s IT platforms, accelerating workflows, improving operational efficiency, increasing customer engagement and adopting innovative technologies. We optimize the business processes, improve the insight into organizational data and decision making capabilities, support modern business concepts and strategies, and provide value along the entire enterprise value chain. Our state of the art ERP framework is built using highly scalable architecture and the cutting edge technology suite.

We, at Abzer, drive businesses to success by giving them the much required edge in the industry. Abzer creates new opportunities, streamlines processes, and integrates operations. The skillful experts at Abzer are your right technology partners, who can help you maximize process improvement and operational savings. We have expertise in all major technology streams in the industry and we have a highly specialized team of professionals in Java and Open Source Technologies. We can provide highly customized solutions tailored to your specific business requirements.

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions & What is Enterprise Mobility?

The mobile technology landscape is fast-changing, and Enterprise Mobility is leading the way. It is a new way of doing business which has primarily been dominated by mobile applications. Given how digitized the world has become, enterprise mobility has emerged as the new hero in the industry.

Essentially, enterprise mobility is a trend which empowers businesses and employees to accomplish their work tasks using mobile devices and cloud services. The term “enterprise mobility” focuses on endowing mobility to corporate data. Thus, thanks to the new technology, employees can easily upload data from desktop or laptop devices to a cloud storage utility, then access it from a smartphone or tablet to show to a client or audience elsewhere.

This new-and-improved way of doing business is garnering popularity worldwide. In fact, industry insiders have vouched that enterprise mobility has enhance employee productivity, and facilitated user engagement – because of which businesses are seeing a marked improvement in customer loyalty and market penetration.

Why Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

Popular research claims that approximately 5 billion people worldwide are plugged into one device, at least. The enormous number mirrors how digitization and mobile applications have transformed human habits and industry trends. Suffice to say, enterprise mobility solutions have empowered businesses like no other. Enterprise mobility solutions is a necessity and good news overall. Thanks to the invention of smartphones and wireless networks, it has become habitual for employees to bring along their own devices at work and log into their emails and other apps in real time via their phones. Observing the powers of convenience brought about by enterprise applications, more and more businesses are now brainstorming to incorporate enterprise mobility solutions and design policies around the same. In most scenarios, the rollout of enterprise mobility solutions occurs in three phases:

Enterprise Mobility Solutions We Provide

At Abzer, our Enterprise Mobility Solutions vertical is equipped to provide clients with versatile range of services and solutions. Our key areas include:

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    Hotel Reservations

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    Taxi Booking

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    Integration SDK’s

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    Table Reservations

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    Custom Applications

Enterprise mobility services and solutions is a challenging endeavor, and we’re always up for a good challenge! We have a skillful and experienced team of designers and developers who work in tandem with clients to offer them tailor-made, innovative enterprise mobility solutions. Be it strategizing, making the app, testing, or deployment, we give our clients full-service solutions.

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Enterprise Content Management

We, at Abzer, drive businesses to success by giving them the much required edge in the industry.

Documents and Data stored in digital format act as the backbone of information in any organization. Managing the digital content has become highly challenging nowadays as there are various threats to the security and integrity of data such as unauthorized access, overwriting of critical documents, difficulty to track the modifications etc. Implementing an ECM solution solves these issues and helps the organization to manage the documents more effectively. Advanced features in ECM Solutions such as version control, track changes by user and modification time, option to revert to the previous version, access control by user roles, advanced search features etc. ensures the data security and integrity and also enables instant access to the required information. We provide most efficient Enterprise Content and Document Management Solutions and Consulting to organizations and help them to utilize the continuous improvements in the technology for a better Return on Investment.

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Digital Payments

We, at Abzer, drive businesses to success by giving them the much required edge in the industry.

Digital payments are the fastest-growing, most dynamic sector in financial industry. Digital payments are instant, transparent, secure and no need to carry cash in unfriendly places.

In any payment system, cash gets transferred between customers and other parties. The growth of business lies in keeping up with the latest, and in using technology efficiently to reduce costs and improve services.

Being a digital payment technology solution provider, we designed powerful and compelling applications that connect the data underlying the transactions. Abzer integrate many digital payments platforms to help improve the overall customer payment experience.

Different Types of e-Commerce

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    (B2B) Portals

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    Business –to-Consumer
    (B2C) Portals

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    Consumer -to- Consumer
    (C2C) Portals

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    Government Portals

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    Mobile Commerce Applications
    (m- Commerce)

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    Online Store

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    Custom Integration

Abzer has the expertise to build robust powerful ecommerce stores from one product to a million products web-store. We also provide additional functionality or features apart from the standard frameworks to customize online stores as per the business requirements. This is where the significance of plugin or extension development comes into picture. Abzer has also expertise to migrate online store from one platform another.

Abzer has specialized in developing payment gateway integration plugins for standard online framework such as Magento, Open Cart, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, Woo Commerce… This Plugins are helpful for the online store merchants to integrate with their payment gateway on single click.
Some of the business benefits of the extensions are follows

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

We believe that a Business intelligence solutions is must to have in any business decisions.

Decision Making is the most critical management task and decisions are based on right data at the right time allow for more logical and informed actions.

Our solutions drive more transparency in an increasingly fast moving market landscape for all industries and also help the enterprise to perform Real Time Analytics and this will help to know their insight view of business. As a result, this will reduce the risk and help strategic decision makers to perform key business decisions.

We help enterprise to build business intelligence dashboards and reports which is not limited to customer data, marketplace, effectiveness of marketing campaigns, but also analyses their own data by performing corporate performance management.

We believe that a Business intelligence solutions is must to have in any business decisions.

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Data Transformation and Integration

Abzer is specialized in Integrating Applications, Services, Databases, Devices, and Legacy Systems.

Different applications were developed with varying languages, operate on different hardware and available on numerous platforms. Integrating applications to share data or messages has become a critical requirement for most of the organizations.

Abzer Technology Architects fully understand EAI-(Enterprise Application Integration) patterns before implementing any of these integration frameworks in the organization. Abzer is specialized in Integrating Applications, Services, Databases, Devices, and Legacy Systems.

Our solution can help the enterprise to extract data from multiple sources, Transforms the data while in transit, and then it Loads the data into target storage of choice.

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