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Digital Payments

We, at Abzer, drive businesses to success by giving them the much required edge in the industry.

Digital payments are the fastest-growing, most dynamic sector in financial industry. Digital payments are instant, transparent, secure  and no need to carry cash in unfriendly places.

In any payment system, cash gets transferred between customers and other parties. The growth of business lies in keeping up with the latest, and in using technology efficiently to reduce costs and improve services.

Being a digital payment technology solution provider, we designed powerful and compelling applications that connect the data underlying the transactions. Abzer integrate many digital payments platforms to help improve the overall customer payment experience.

Different Types of e-Commerce

Business-to-Business (B2B) Portals.
Business –to-Consumer (B2C) Portals.
Consumer -to- Consumer (C2C) Portals.
Government Portals (G2B/G2C/C2G).
Mobile Commerce Applications (m- Commerce).
Online Store Migration.
Custom Integration Plug-Ins.

Ecommerce Portals

Abzer has the expertise to build robust powerful ecommerce stores from one product to a million products web-store. We also provide additional functionality or features apart from the standard frameworks to customize online stores as per the business requirements. This is where the significance of plugin or extension development comes into picture. Abzer has also expertise to migrate online store from one platform another.
Intuitive UI
Loyalty Management
SMS Integration
Multi Language
Pay In your Currency (DCC)*
Intuitive UI

Key Benefits

Increase purchase frequency
Respond to competitive challenges
Create brand advocates
Build a strong brand by offering unique and useful reward system
Initiate a promotional platform to drive marketing campaigns
Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
Support Best customer marketing (BCM)

Payment Integration Plugins

Abzer has specialized in developing payment gateway integration plugins for standard online framework such as Magento, Open Cart, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, Woo Commerce… This Plugins are helpful for the online store merchants to integrate with their payment gateway on single click.
Some of the business benefits of the extensions are follows
Seamless Customer Experience.
Custom Unique Features
Version Upgrades
Optimized Code
Extended Support
Combinative Edge
Browser Compatibility
Intuitive UI
Advanced Debug Features