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Dynamic Currency Conversion

Our solution designed to meet the demanding needs of traders in terms of accuracy, throughput and reliability

DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) commonly known as Pay in Your Currency is a secure, compliant solution that provides businesses with the ability to offer their international customers the choice to pay in their currency. This will help customers to Choice, Clarity and Convenience on their payment. Every year there are of international travelers in this region who spend money on hotels, R E S TAURANTs and entertainment. As a result, Merchants start accepting transactions from cards issued outside of their country Merchants can earn additional profit margin on each DCC transaction, while continuing to be paid in their local currency.

Merchant Benefits

Fascinate new international customers
Reduce chargebacks
Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
New revenue stream

Customer Benefits

Transparency Customers see the exact amount of their purchase in their card currency at time-of sale and on their statement.
Informed purchases International travelers make educated and informed purchases.
Simplify expense reporting for business travelers

How DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) works

DCC transaction begins immediately when the card number entered – just like any regular transaction.
System automatically determines if the card is eligible for DCC
System displays transaction amount in both the local and the customer home currencies.
The customer indicates their currency choice
Finally, system authorizes the transaction in that currency and the final amount on the receipt matches the amount
on the customer’s card statement