May 2022

Abzer’s Digital Payment Solutions- helping your business grow daily

Posted on May 24,2022 by Reethu Shyam
Advantages of Digital Payments

How Abzer’s Digital Payment solution is transforming lives across industries

A few years back, Digital Payment solutions was a topic only big brands or banks had to worry about. However, today, Digital Payment solutions are touching and changing lives of people like you and me.
Ask me how? Here it is..

QuickPay for Quick Payments

6 : 00 AM Early bird catches the prey. A grocery store owner’s day starts at around 6 am. Bachelors, joggers, runners, gym-goers all halt at his kiosk for a hot cup of tea and discuss trending news.  Many of them don’t carry cash. But that is not a problem anymore.

With Digital payment solutions, the store owner can generate payment links and share it via WhatsApp, email, or SMS and collect payments effortlessly or QR Scan-enabled payments can be done. Recently, his revenue increased 3 times after enabling digital payment options. He is happy to make his customers’ life easy and effortless.

Eduzer– Payment Solution partner for every Educational Institute

9:00 AM An EdTech entrepreneur found it quite a challenging task to run an educational institute during the pandemic.Firstly, switching the entire process to a virtual space was no mean task.Secondly, creating and sharing mobile friendly content, providing technical training to staff, gearing up infrastructure and setting up stable internet connectivity, hardware and software installation expenditures were a nightmare.

Lastly, collecting local and international payments was too complicated.To add to his concerns, technical challenges, frequent support requirements, all increased the additional expenditures. All these challenges were exasperated further by the drop in students enrolling for courses.

Hence, every EdTech requires a trusted technology partner who can understand his problems and offer solutions that will help him in alleviating hurdles one by one.Eduzer is the perfect payment collection partner with easy to use integrations and is highly compatible with all existing ERPs.

Clinzer– Best Payment solution for your clinic

11:00 AMClinics, hospitals, dispensaries, labs work round the clock. There is no respite to the inflow of patients. Patients line up day in day out, staff is harried and overworked, then there is inventory management, reports to be collected, updated, and of course, the most sensitive and painful process- payment collection.

Every patient’s requirement is unique and so is their payment option. Some pay in cash, some prefer card payment, while others ask for online payment options, and a hardy few will avail international payments. Subsequently, Digital Payment solution is increasingly being preferred than traditional methods.

The clinic owner took one wise decision and chose Clinzer– a comprehensive payment solution, tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of the health sector. Consequently, all his payment-related challenges have been resolved.

 Digital Payment Solution 

FoodiesMenu- When it comes to food, it’s your choice, just like payments

1:00 PMTime does fly and it’s already lunch time. The biriyani kiosk at the corner of the street is run by a single mother who has three children to raise. When she decided to start a business, Abzer’s payment solutions gave her the wings to fly.

With FoodiesMenu application, she can take orders, and delight her customers without fail.Empowered by Abzer’s payment solution, her business is growing manifold! There is no stopping her now!


SmartInvoice– Generate customizable invoices hassle-free

3:00 PMWith WFH being the new normal, there is a boom in a furniture retailer’s business. Office furniture, work stations, chairs are all in high demand.But with business comes returns and refunds. They are a part and parcel of any e-commerce.Thanks to Digital Payments, returns and refunds needn’t be messy as before. Also, one of the best features of Digital payments is the easy data trailing for both the business and the end user alike.

Additionally, meeting changing consumer demands whether it is in products or payment options, is the secret to survive this competitive world.

With SmartInvoice, a complete payment solution for any business, the merchant can offer create beautiful customizable invoices and collect payments seamlessly.


Subscription Management Solution- The future is Subscribed!

6:00 PMIt is dusk already. The ballet teacher’s session will begin in a few minutes. Taking a dance class online was not an easy decision.Empowered by Abzer’s Subscription Management Solution, she now gives all her attention to her pupils.She sits back with a cup of coffee and looks at the “payments received” section with a warm glow. Her business has been growing exponentially for the past few months. She is happy so are her clients!

10:00 PMSoftware as a Service industry is exploding and with Subscription Management solution, the entire support team can now be relaxed as they track the revenue coming in automatically. No more dusty ledgers, no more grumbling customers, and no more manual errors. It’s all taken care of!

We have seen how in a day digital payments make our lives easy and convenient, from dawn to dusk. Businesses and consumers stand to benefit with optimized fintech solutions.In addition to convenience and promptness, Digital payments are also safer than traditional payments especially when it is large amount of money.

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